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Book Madness 2016 - test

Book Madness 2016 logo


64 works of 21st century fiction competing head-to-head.


Register below to complete your bracket.


Prediction phase closes Tuesday, 3/22.


What is it?

Book Madness, in the spirit of college basketball's popular tournament known as "March Madness", is our literary competition where we pit title against title and you decide which will advance to the next round. In the end, only one will be left standing.

How does it work?

Before you vote on the match-ups, we give you the option to predict (the winners with) your own bracket. The fans with the most accurate predictions will win the following:

Grand prize: $100 Out of Print gift card and the "Elite 8" books (the 8 books that advance to the quarterfinals).

Runners-up: $50 OoP gift card & the "Final Four" books (the 4 books that advance to the semi-finals)

Click register in the box below to signup. Then click on the top left icon to start predicting. (Note: There is no print function for your completed bracket, so we recommend printing out a blank paper bracket and filling it in for easy reference.) You can print a blank bracket HERE.

Important Notes:

Once you pick the winner, you can't go back and edit your bracket.

If you encounter an issue using your phone, try filling out your bracket on a desktop or laptop.

When you get to the Final Four, you must populate the 2 circles for the Championship game and then drag the winner into the circle above that matchup. You can see an example of a completed Final Four screen HERE.

View Round 1 match-ups HERE


  • Prediction phase closes: Tuesday, March 22
  • First Round: March 23-25
  • Second Round: March 25-27
  • Sweet 16: March 28
  • Elite 8: March 29
  • Final Four: March 3 - April 1
  • Championship: April 4
  • Champion Announced: April 2!

Need help?

For best response, please email, and include which browser and device you are using.