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Interview - Debra Goddard, Director, Rainelle Public Library

We recently spoke with Debra Goddard, Director of the Rainelle Public Library about her job, books, library damages and the relief effort so far. Check out our interview below!

How long have you been in your current job as director?

25+ years

What is your role as library director?

Running the day to day operation of the library.

What is the best part of your job?

It isn't boring because there is a wide variety of chores to do.

What book are you currently reading or just read?

Being George Washington by Glenn Beck

What damage was done to the library?

We lost 100% of our book, DVD, etc. collections. Almost everything in the library was lost. We hope that few of the shelves, tables, and chairs won't warp so they can be used.

How are the relief efforts going so far?

Good. Thanks to the help from volunteers we are at the stage to begin rebuilding.

Why is the library so important for your community?

The library is the heart of the community. It's a community center, library, meeting place, and where the public can use the internet.


This week (July 17-24), when you purchase from our Library Collection, a portion of that sale will go towards rebuilding the Rainelle Public Library which was destroyed during the June floods in West Virginia.

You can shop the library collection below or check out their GoFundMe page to learn more.

Shop the Library Collection

Check out the Rainelle Public Library Relief - GoFundMe page

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