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Back to School with Out of Print and - Year 3

For the third year in a row, a portion of sales during our Back to School sale will go towards helping fund projects through Over the past two years, you helped fund and complete over 50 classroom projects. Whether you take advantage of [$20 tees] or the [Spend $50+, get a pouch free] promotion, you will be positively impacting the lives of students and teachers in the United States!

What is Their mission statement is: "We make it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need, moving us closer to a nation where students in every community have the tools and experiences they need for a great education." Since it's founding in 2010, teachers at 76% percent of all the public schools in America have created project requests, and 2,743,269 people have donated $564,355,384 to projects that inspire them. Over 23,678,313 students have received books, art supplies, field trips, technology, and other resources that they need to learn.

Here are some of the projects you helped fund through your Out of Print purchase in 2016.

Grades PreK-2, Louisiana ... "We cannot thank you enough for your generous donation. Our class has been able to use a listening center during center rotations and guided reading. Your donation of books on CD and storage boxes are really appreciated. The students at Strehle Elementary don't have a lot of material things. Many of our parents either work nights, or cannot read. They don't get the opportunity to be read to. Although a book on CD is not the same thing, at least the kids get some experience with it. Research shows that many students make connections and grow academically through auditory experiences." -Ms. Lojszczyk, teacher

Grades PreK-2, Michigan ... "The materials that we have received allow the students to build, manipulate and create their words instead of just memorizing. When I first introduced these new materials like the alphabet tiles, gel boards and boogie boards, the classroom was silent! They were so intrigued by these new, fun manipulatives! They worked for almost 30 minutes building their words! I am already seeing my students mastering their personalized list of words. Thank you for providing FUN materials for my students to master their words." -Mrs. DeDonado, teacher

Fifth grade, Colorado ... "Thank you so much for helping to provide my students with a variety of picture and chapter books to serve as mentor texts for their writing! Whenever I introduce a new writing skill, craft, genre, or technique, I pull out one of the books to serve as inspiration or as a model for my students to reference. For example, just before winter break I did a lesson on generating ideas for writing. I passed out all the books I received and the students spent time exploring them and trying to gather up new ideas for their own writing projects. The kids had so much fun using characters, scenes, dialogue and pictures to help inspire their own creative ideas!" -Mrs. Rambow, teacher

Our $20 tees plus Spend $50+, get a pouch FREE promotions run from Wednesday, August 23 through Sunday, August 27. You can also recommend projects below.




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